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What is the Cross of Caravaca?

Original and always stylish Cross of Caravaca Lignum Crucis is a venerated in Caravaca de la Cruz almost eight centuries. Linked to the Templars and pilgrimage, were the religious orders such as Franciscans, Carmelites and Jesuits, and pilgrims of all kinds flocked to the castle where it is stored, who spread the cult of the Cross of Caravaca around the world. His story, the miracles performed by the Cross, Papal bulls and dispensations and the Holy Year In Perpetuum have made the Cross of Caravaca on a pilgrimage and spiritual reference for the entire Christian world. More information in the mail: 

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There is an old tradition of giving Cross of Caravaca. His fame has made it home on the chest of hundreds and thousands. The will professed devotion makes them more and more people want to have around, take it, so that means ...

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